Monday, April 28, 2008

News from Chelsio and Neterion

Lots of news coming in from Chelsio today. Chelsio announced that its 10 GigE card will be supported by Citrix XenServer which is based on the open source Xen virtualization code base. Moreover Chelsio also announced SGI and HP as its customers. HP will supply Chelsio's T3 10GbE adapter for its Integrity server line.

It also seems (according to this article) that Chelsio will be coming out targeting Fiber Channel over Ethernet (FCoE). FCoE is extremely latency sensitive, and Chelsio may have an important advantage in this space because of its hardware supported TCP stack, which may be able to provide more guaranteed latencies. (Edit: As a reader correctly pointed out, FCoE does not use the TCP stack, so my argument of Chelsio having an advantage for FCoE is incorrect. Thanks for pointing this out.)

Neterion, the other prominent 10 GigE vendor also announced that its driver will be released part of Windows Server 2008.

It seems to be time that 10 Gig Ethernet is entering a high volume market. 10 GigE adapters are being increasingly deployed in servers, and they seem to be just ready to enter the storage market. Technologies such as Virtualization and IOV will help increase the volume of 10 GigE. It will be interesting to see how these two startups (which have actually been in business for over 5 years now), evolve over the course of the next two years.


Anonymous said...

TCP Offload Engine (TOE) has no impact on FCoE, because FCoE rightfully does not use TCP.

Furthermore, Chelsio's latency is not great, 6-7 us on iWARP is the best number I have seen. Other 10GE solutions have much lower latency.

Amitabha said...

Thanks for your correction regarding FCoE, you are correct FCoE does not use TCP.

About the latency part, I am not in a position to fairly compare latencies of different 10 GigE solutions, I just try to cover news and developments. If you are aware of any public study on 10 GigE latencies, it will be helpful if you send me an email at or post the link in this forum. Thank you once more for your comments.