Friday, April 18, 2008

10 GigE Storage Alliance formed

In an interesting development, Nimbus Data Systems, in partnership with Arastra, Force10 Networks, Fujitsu, Fulcrum Microsystems, Mellanox Technologies, Neterion, and NetXen, have formed the 10 Gigabit Ethernet Storage Alliance. The purpose for now is to promote industry awareness of consolidating 10 Gig Ethernet in storage platforms. Although the press release mentions various advantages of 10 Gig Ethernet consolidation such as reducing storage network infrastructure cost by 30-75% compared to 4Gb Fibre Channel, having more interoperability that 10 GigE provides, it doesn't mention technologies such as FCoE which other vendors such as Cisco are promoting. I wonder if they plan to use any competing protocols for 10 Gig E in the storage space. Any comments on this will be helpful.


Chinzorig Sashka said...


Can you write about Carrier Ethernet?
Thank you

Matt Geier said...

Someone might also be able to make note of this type of thing in the Apple / Mac space. Ethernet is a viable alternative to Fibre Channel. You may want to do some research on AOE (ATA over Ethernet) which is able to be run on 10Gb Ethernet also.

Amitabha said...


Thanks for your suggestion. I will try to include more discussions about carrier ethernet. In my opinion, it is a very hot field, and revenues are set toincrease manifold over the next 5 years.

Phattone said...

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