Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Update from IEEE 802.3 Plenary last week

The IEEE 802.3 plenary was help last week (July 16-21) at San Diego. A brief update on some of the important achievments at the meeting:

1) A proposal to study higher speed Ethernet (beyong 10 Gig and possibly 40 Gig or 100 Gig) was voted and accepted. A lightreading report on the same is available here. The report mentions that a standard may be expected in 3 years from now.

2) The Project Authorization Request (PAR) and Five Criteria Responses submitted by the 10 Gig Ethernet PON study group has been accepted. The next step is for the standards board to approve the creation of a task force, which if created is expected to meet in September (Date and Venue to be decided).

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