Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Immenstar introduces dual mode GPON/EPON

Immenstar, which recently came out of stealth mode to introduce EPON chips has now introduced a chipset that may operate in dual GPON/EPON mode. GPON and EPON are two different blends of the Passive Optical Network (PON). They differ in the technology used to encapsulate frames, while EPON uses the Ethernet, GPON uses the Generic Framing Procedure (GFP). While EPON has the advantages of blending in easily with the universal Ethernet ports (such as in LANs), GPON currently has a higher bit-rate in current operations and better operational control mechanisms.

I am not very sure of the motivation behind a dual mode GPON/EPON chipset, since the two different technologies have been growing in different markets. While the EPON has been strongly growing in the Asia-Pacific, the GPON has been growing in North America. It also seems unlikely that an operator would like to move to a GPON solution once he has chosen to go with EPON and vice-versa. May be the benefit it is in manufacturing ease, because a single product may now cater to both markets, and thus reduce the cumulative costs of operations, compared to having two differnt product lines. Any comments from readers would be great.

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