Thursday, October 23, 2008

Whitepaper from Arista on 10 GigE penetration in SANs

Arista Networks released a joint whitepaper with Intel on 10 GigE performance technologies and penetration of 10 Gig Ethernet into SANs using the iSCSI protocol. The whitepaper is available here. The whitepaper discusses a bunch of Intel technologies for 10 GigE such as I/O Acceleration Technology (IOAT) and Virtual Machine Data Queues (VMDq). Also mentioned is how iSCSI is helping 10 GigE replace Fiber Channels in SANs.

Arista Networks also has a new CEO today, Jayshree Ullal, a high-profile Cisco senior VP. Also joining is Andy Bechtolsheim as Chief Development Officer. Andy is one of the founders of Sun Microsystems, which he re-joined in 2003 on the acquisition of Kealia. Arista vision is to enter the cloud computing market in which multiple services and applications are deployed in a central network and may be easily availed from multiple devices and end-points.

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cloud storage said...

As a person who works for Dell I like you thoughts on Arista. Cloud Computing is hosting applications and data in centralized datacenters and accessing them from anywhere on the web, including wireless and mobile devices