Friday, July 25, 2008

Google policymaker argues about owning your own fiber

Here is an interesrting article from Google about our need to reduce the dependence on ISPs to deploy advanced fiber based broadband access services such as PONs. This coincides with Google chief Internet evangelist Vint Cerf criticizing ISPs for not deploying PON like infrastructure in the US (See article here). Google has also bought considerable mobile spectrum recently sold in the US.

These show Google's increasing efforts to reduce its dependence on ISPs to supply services to end-users. Interesting Google's blog refers to an "open access" like model (discussed earlier in this forum), in which people own the fiber connections to their home, and ISP's bid for the right to provide services to them. The blog draws an interesting analogy to cars which were first rented by people (like cabs), but were eventually bought by masses; and computers which were first shared in a mainframe, but are now owned by everyone.

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