Thursday, September 13, 2007

Our blog turns two years

We turn two years today. For those interested, our first post is here.

It has been a great experience following trends in this very hot and growing field. Just looking back at the progress, Ethernet PON is now widely deployed with 10 Gig standardization coming up, 40/100 Gig standardization is going on, 10 Gig Ethernet adapters are close to entering the volume market, and high speed I/O is now being considered more and more important by chip and server vendors.

Thanks to all readers, all those to supported the blog sending comments and emails. Hope you continue to find this blog useful in the future.

Also we will soon come up with a new layout and a poll. Please help us understand your needs better by participating in the poll. Thanks again.

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I just got back from a trip to Prague...

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PS: To the best of my knowledge Matisee Networks are working on LAN and MAN only. They are not working on WAN. Their solution is not true OBS. Its actually more geared towards OCS.