Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Sun to license 10 Gig technology to Marvell

In a very interesting development, Sun Microsystems today announced that Marvell will be licensing Sun's 10 Gig Ethernet technology to build its own 10 Gig Ethernet cards. More importantly, this technology collaboration is expected to continue to further generations of Ethernet such as 100 Gig Ethernet.

This is a big win for Sun whose multi threaded networking technology employs multiple DMA channels to use multi-core processors that will dominate in the future. This also illustrates how Sun is trying to promote its technology to self-exist rather than limit it to its own products as has happened in the past. Sun's 10 Gig cards were a late entry to the market compared to Chelsio and Neterion's cards.

A detailed press release is available here.

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