Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Sun introduces multi-threaded network adapter

In an interesting and remarkable development, Sun unveiled its multi-threaded 10 Gig Ethernet technologies. The idea is to employ multiple DMA channels (as many as 40) in parallel to ensure simultaneous data transfer to be handled by multiple processors in a multi-core architecture. Sun mentioned that this solution yields data transfer 4 times faster than using existing Ethernet Adapters (which I believe refers to Neterion's technology, since thats what Sun has been mainly supporting)

This demonstrates how serious 10 Gig Ethernet is going to be, particularly for end-to-end data transfer to high-end servers. Although Sun may not have an immediate market, I believe that its serious adoption of 10 Gig technology will help it emerge as a leader in this pace.

The 10 GigE effort discussed earlier with the codename 'Neptune' in this forum is expected to be part of every major Sun technology including the Niagara 2 and Rock servers expected to be released later this year.

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