Sunday, October 29, 2006

Custom Search on Ethernet

Last week Google introduced the Custom Search Engine (see related blog at Google). The idea is to allow users to create tightly coupled search engines related to their website or their blog.

I tried to implement one for this blog, and so here it is. And it works great actually. Try searching for the keyword 'ofc' (standing for the Optical Fiber Communication Conference) on Google. What you get is a wide assortment of links, as ofc can stand for just about anything. Now try it on the search in this blog. Bingo! All the results are related to the conference OFC. Now, you can further refine the results by intelligent topics, lets say by 'epon' (Click on link epon), which gives results relevant to epon for OFC. Similarly try the topic 'Carrier Ethernet'. Aint it great?

But sure there is scope for further improvement. Thats why Google allows volunteers to refine the search further. Interested in helping out? E-mail me, or leave a comment here, and I will invite you to modify the search engine.

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