Friday, September 08, 2006

Juniper adds Ethernet Cars to E320 Edge router

Juniper announced a series of enhancements to its E320 Broadband Services Router designed to improve the router's IPTV capabilities. This includes adding 192 Gigabit Ethernet connections or 12 10-Gbit/s Ethernet links, managing up to 128,000 sessions in total. The E320 is deployed in more than 28 networks spanning four continents, including some of the world's largest IPTV and multiplay networks, Juniper says.

With these upgrades, the E320 can handle more traffic than Cisco 10000 series and the Redback SmartEdge 800, which handle 61,500 and 48,000 subscribers, according to the respective vendors. Juniper also claims it's got better Ethernet density than either of those.

The LightReading article is available here.

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