Tuesday, March 14, 2006

10Gig Ethernet PON Study Group

An update on call for interest meet for 10Gig Ethernet PON at Denver last week (March 7).
Slides presented at this meeting are available at http://www.ieee802.org/3/cfi/0306_1/cfi_0306_1.pdf

An interesting aspect is that feasibility studies for 10 Gig EPON have already been conducted by ETRI and KDDI. Work on the standard is expected to be on only the PHY layer (with MPCP fron the 802.3ah standard remaining unaffected). Thus the expected turnaround time for a standard is much less than the 4 years it took for the 802.3ah standard.

The attendance of the meeting was 163 people representing 31 companies of which 58 volunteered to particicpate and contribute to the study group.

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